Camaya Coast Aquathlon and Trail Run

A week after our first marathon, we found ourselves preparing for adventure trail run in Camaya Coast, Mariveles, Bataan.  

We left our home around 3am to be in the Camaya Showroom in Pioneer, Mandaluyong City before 4:00am.  We were advised that our bus will leave promptly at 4:30am.   We made it ahead of time yet most of the runners were already there.  The first bus was almost full so we settled in the second bus.  It was already 5am when we left for Camaya, then we had two pit stops.  We reached Mariveles, Bataan past 9am.  From there, it took us 20 minutes by boat to reach the venue.    

Upon reaching the Camaya Coast, we were treated with welcome drinks.  Then we were led to the hut for our race bibs. After several minutes of preparation and briefing, the race started for all categories around 10:30 am.  

with Let Guieb at the starting line


 There are two categories for the trail run, namely the extreme and the adventure.  We registered in the trail run wherein we were asked to run three loops of 3.7km per loop.  We started running  through the sand along the beach before going into the trail.  The trail was steep and slippery but exciting.  I asked my husband to run and wait for me as we were there to enjoy our post marathon run at picture-pace only.  On the first loop, we were both strong.  On the second loop, the hot weather caught on us thus we both felt tired and exhausted.  We walked most of the route. But, other runners and marshals kept on cheering us to go on.  One of them even said I’m the top 10 female runner.  This motivated me,  so on our third loop, we tried to run continuously even it was a bit slow.  It was my slowest trail run but it was the hardest and the word difficult is an understatement.   

Getting up the trail


 At any rate, we were able to finish the race.  My husband and I crossed the finish line together.  We arrived while most of the participants including my children are eating their lunch.  My youngest son announced that his Ate made it as number one among the female runners while his Kuya as number two among the male runners.  I was so happy with the podium finish of my children.  All my pains and aches immediately disappeared.  

my daughter, podium finisher


my son, podium finisher too


my podium finishers wearing HF shirts


It was a very organized race.  Everything was arranged at its best.  I love the food, too.  However, there was a delay in going back home as the boat arrived an hour late to fetch us.  Overall, it was a very enjoyable trail run for us.  

i love camaya!



2 responses to “Camaya Coast Aquathlon and Trail Run

  1. Kudos to you and the family Anna…you are one of a kind…keep it up!

  2. congrats to the running family! continue to be an inspiration 🙂

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