Fit and Fun Buddy Run

The Fit and Fun Buddy Run  allowed me to feel the same excitement as well as fear I experienced during my first race two years ago.  Maybe, this is so because I have no races for more than a month now and I doubted if my legs can still carry me as I gained several pounds after my TBR Dream Marathon last May.

Despite the apprehension, I still look  forward to the big day.  I can already feel and imagine the asphalt of the Fort.  But on the night before as I was preparing our running kits , my running buddy, this time my youngest child,  told me that he cannot run with me as his school activity coincided with our race.  I tried to understand him and even gave my blessings yet deep inside I felt sad and as if there is no more tomorrow for me.

My second child might have noticed my disappointment so he offered to invite his girlfriend to be my partner.  I prayed that she will accept the invitation  with that very short notice considering the fact that her longest run is as far as 5k only.  If ever, our 10k partnership will be her first.  After several exchanges of  sms, she agreed to run with me.  I was so happy and became more excited.

Around 4 am Sunday morning,  my running partner came.  We had our very light breakfast before we drove to the Fort together with my two other children, they will be the running buddies.  My husband was not able to join us as he cannot even walk  straight with the pains in his lower back caused by a bad fall last Friday.  On our way, I told my partner that I cannot run fast  and gave her several reasons of whatever sort.  She responded that I have nothing to worry as she cannot run fast too.

On the starting line, while waiting for the cue to start the race, we agreed that we will use the Galloway’s 5-1 strategy.  However, I told her that we can stop anytime but she just to let me know.   At exactly 5:45 the race started and we ran on easy pace but I kept on checking her.   She progressed very well and she seemed very determined to finish strong.  I tried to  update her of our development every kilometer but most especially when we reached our 5K  in 35 minutes .  I even congratulated her  when we reached our 6K together as she was able to beat her record already.  I was so happy for her.

After our U-turn in Buendia, she requested me to go ahead as she would take a rest before she will run again.  I conceded but assured her that I will wait for her before the finish line.

As I sped away from her, I thanked the Lord for the wonderful day and for allowing my partner to run with me.  I also took the opportunity to commune with Him and to offer Him all the worries and fears in my heart.  Immediately, I felt His presence and got peace.

It was a very fulfilling day for me. Thank you, partner Joy for making my day!

with my partner

with my children and our loot (grocery) bags

joy & sam

grocery week supply


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