The Rexona Run 2010

I enjoyed this race!  I think I would run out of adjectives and superlatives to describe how the event was conducted and organized by Coach Rio.   To simplify, I would summarize my comments as follows:

1.  Registration process was very convenient and most high tech so far.

2.  Route was flat yet challenging.

3.  Race started on time.

4.  Marshals were all over the route not to mention that Coach Rio personally monitored the runners while riding his motorbike.

5.  Portalets were provided in various locations.

6.  Powerade and water overflowed.  Stations were put up every 1.5km.

7.  Dtag was provided to monitor the runner’s individual time.

8.  Medal and loot bag were awarded/handed to each runner after crossing the finish line. No need to fall in line

Now let me assess myself and my performance considering that this was my longest run after the TBR Dream Marathon held in May:

1.  At the starting line, I felt the pressure of doing a 21K with not enough preparation.  However, with the goal to dedicate my Aug 1 run for the memory of my mother, I braced myself  to hit the road.  I also dedicated this run to Rem Fuentes.

2.  I planned to use the 7-1 but on the first few kilometers I omitted my 1 minute-walk and instead ran continuously.

3.  After my 10 km, I was still very strong and got the confidence that I can finish my course in less than 3 hours.

4.  However on my 15km, I felt something was wrong with my right knee.  I slowly felt the pain but I was determined not to stop.  So, I calculated my time and adjusted my pace to run on a semi bearable painful leg so I can finish in 3 hours.  At this instance, one marshal gave me ice and suggested to rob it to my knee.  I accepted the offer and continued running.

5.  On my last 2k, I still have 15 minutes to finish the race in 3 hours but the pain was so severe and much that I tried to accelerate, I simply can’t.  Things like this happened but I did not give up.  I crossed the finish line in 3 hours (unofficial time) based on my Garmin.  Should there be adjustment in the Dtag, I hope the margin will only be slim.

6.  As I walked toward our car, someone driving his car greeted me and asked if I was able to finish 21K, when I replied in the affirmative, he sincerely congratulated me.  This encounter with the stranger is a humbling experience and a confirmation that despite my age, one of my missions here on earth is to inspire others even through running.

So, I want to thank the Lord for the gift of life and good health.  Glory to God!


6 responses to “The Rexona Run 2010

  1. Congratulations Anna, it was indeed a great race. You have once again proved that you can do it! See you on the road soon!

  2. Hi Anna, a most determined finish! Congrats and we hope your knee recovers fast and completely. God bless! – Jun & Mariel

    • Hi Jun and Mariel,

      Thank you! The old principle of no pain, no gain came to mind during the race! But I feel better now, I am no longer limping and ready to run again. I hope to see you again, guys!

  3. inspite of the knee problem you did very well congratulations on a good race. oh and Happy Birthday. 4_ is not so old. regards

    • Hi Patrick!

      Thank you! I am honored to receive your greeting! Wish ko lang magpa-picture din ako with you soon. Thanks again.

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