LBP Fun Run 2010

Fun Run has always been a part of LBP’s anniversary celebration.  It is always a simple but enjoyable run/walk.

This year a lot of excited Landbankers participated and joined the event. Mayor Lim graced the affair.  He walked with our President and CEO along the route of 3.5Km  from Quirino Grandstand to Star City.   I want to acknowledge our staff members from NCR C who tried to run at first kilometer but ended up walking up to the finish line.  I am so happy that these guys came  and tried running.  Most of them will now join our running clinic every week  which is being administered by Sir Jovie or the Bald Runner.

LBP Fun Run shirt

chatting with my son as I crossed the finish line

Day 1 talk

looking forward to the next sessions...

trying hard in the dark


3 responses to “LBP Fun Run 2010

  1. hi mam,

    bka naman po pwede p kami sumali sa running clinic nyo. d2 po kmi s lbp head office,.

    thanks po.

    • Hi,

      Sure! I hope to see you on Sep 2 around 5:30 pm at the Quirino Grandstand. You may also get in touch with my Secretary for details.

      Thanks for the visit.

  2. thanks mam anna. 🙂

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