Miles for Smiles Run

Last night, I was still undecided if I will run for a smile.  This was due to the fact that I am nursing a painful left knee after playing bowling for our parish  team in the First Vicariate  Sportsfest.  I was also hesitant because my husband and my two children would not be able to run with me.  Thank God that my other son was eager to run.  His confirmation allowed the rush of excitement  to flow  in my body  which caused me to forget the pain.  The resolve to run was affirmed.

This morning, we joined the race but instead of running 16K  as I was registered, I opted to run 10K  using the race bib of my youngest son.   It was a fun and easy run as I tried to protect my knee.  I enjoyed the run, it was simple with ample drink stations.  The marshals were helpful and the route was challenging.  I finished the race with God’s help.  I received my finisher’s Tshirt  immediately after crossing the finish line.

After the race, I went to ROX to meet and have photo shoot with Happy Feet peeps.  The encounter was brief but very pleasant time to bond with other members of the club.  Thanks Z and Mon for organizing and inviting as all.

courtesy of Greentennial

At the ROX, after the race

Sam & Joy


One response to “Miles for Smiles Run

  1. It was nice to see you at the photo shoot . Get well soon and take it easy.

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