Pocari Sweat in NCR C Running Clinic

Quirino Grandstand in Luneta is our regular venue for the NCR C Running Clinic.  We love the place and we are all comfortable running there.   But last night was different as the atmosphere of sadness and shame cannot be denied.  The tragic incident on fateful Monday night that claimed the lives of 8 foreigners damaged the appearance of the park as well as our reputation and image as Filipinos.  As we gathered in the place, I felt chill bumps all over my body, but I tried to ignore it and did not attempt to mention it to anybody so we can continue with our purpose for being there, to run.       

bonding before start


We heard it was raining hard in the northern part of NCR as well as in Quezon City and in Makati.  However, Mother Nature provided us some time to do our usual stretching, 30-minute continuous run and Pocari Sweat lecture/product testing without rain.  Thank you Lord!    

strectching/warm up


Rossan Delos Reyes, Promo Associate from Otsuka Pharmaceutical, Inc, gave a short  talk on the essentials of hydration and body fluids.  She was accompanied and assisted by Jerome.   She allowed us to try and test Pocari Sweat later on.  There was a short question and answer portion before she invited everyone to join the University Run this coming August 29, 2010.     

with rossan and jerome


oh yeah... free


another shot...




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