University Run Pocari Sweat

Some of our running clinic participants decided to run 5K   in the Pocari Sweat University Run.  As I felt the need to support them not only in words but also in deeds, I tried to register despite the previous information that 10K category was already closed.  Rosann, the beautiful and very active Otsuka Pharma Promo Associate, promised to check what she can do so my husband and I can be accommodated.  On Friday morning, she texted me and confirmed that she was able to get two slots for us.

On race day when we arrived in Quirino Grandstand, I can see the sea of blue and white worn by students.  I told myself, this is University Run therefore majority of participants are students and I should not be bothered.  At any rate, my intention to be there was to support my friends and not to be intimated by these young runners. I know I still belong to University, not as student but as professor.  However when I reached the starting area, I was surprised to see some senior runners in the starting line. They are more than decades older than me but their physiques showed that they are well-trained and prepared.  I talked to some of them and I learned that they are members of Hings Running Club in  Navotas.

After a short warm up courtesy of Slimmer’s World, the race started via gun fire without any countdown.  The race was properly coordinated with the cities of Manila and Pasay as south-bound of Roxas  Boulevard from Luneta to Edsa Flyover was closed to vehicles.  The road was solely dedicated to this race.   The policemen and marshals were very attentive and protective to each runner.  The hydration stations of Pocari Sweat and water were well manned and with overflowing stocks.  Volunteers were friendly and caring.  The Greentennial took shots and posted the pictures in Facebook.  The atmosphere was festive from start to finish.  The certificates of completion and loot bags were immediately handed to finishers.

We got good time and good race not to mention that registration fee was reasonably priced.


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