Camsur Marathon 2010

My son and I joined the more than 17,000 runners in Camarines Sur last Sunday, September 26, 2010.  We ran 21K and we both enjoyed the event.

I would forever remember this race for the following reasons:

1.  It was my first time to set foot in Bicol and that opportunity was spent doing what I love, running.

2. Camsur people are friendly and warm.  They lined-up the road and greeted all runners.  I enjoyed exchanging greetings of “good morning” to almost all of them from kids to elders.   It was very motivating to run with such warm support from  rural folks.  I also felt like a celebrity when children and teenagers raised their hands for “high-fives” with me.  Some even took my pictures as their souvenir shots.  Thank you people of Camsur for  your support!  Together let us build the nation!

3. I ran  side-by-side with green pick-up with radio reporter on board and covering the event live.  As the marathon was aired in local radio, the reporter paced with me in the first 3Km of the race.  From time to time, we exchanged greetings and smiles.  Racing that way was funny and pleasurable.

4. I enjoyed the environs of broad and yellow-green rice fields.  I found great time to praise and thank the Lord for the fresh scent of the grass, plants and trees, the subtle noise coming from the river and the mild rays of the sun touching my face.  God has re-affirmed his divine providence to me and to all His creations.  I love life!

5.  Our host family was very hospitable and generous.  They welcomed us in their home .  They provided us the comfort as if we never left our own home. They prepared special dishes for us before and after the race.  They took time out to provide us with pre-race meal of bananas and sandwiches at the wee hour of the morning.  The dinner after the race was superb and really delicious.  We were really pampered, not to mention that we were even given the chance to use their new Toyota Fortuner as our service vehicle which was acquired barely four days ago.  In addition, we never went home empty-handed, they even gave us some of the best Naga’s delicacies,  home-made pickled ampalaya and laing, fresh pili fruit (I handpicked from the tree planted in their yard) and moon flower plant.  Thank you to  Demabasa Family for everything and for wonderful time we spent with you.  May God continue to bless you as you allowed yourselves to be the channels of His blessings.  We hope to see you again.

Welcome banner at the airport

welcome dance...ooh sexy

Before gun start

After the race

my son after the race

common sight in every race

with my children

with my husband, he was not feeling well to race that day

with some running friends

with our host, Demabasa Family

my son (in blue)with his look-alike, Jon-jon (in red)


3 responses to “Camsur Marathon 2010

  1. I share your positive experiences running inside the barrios with every kid giving their hi and low “fives” at the race course. T’was a wonderful experience. Congrats on your finish!:-)

    • Thanks Rene! Bilib ako sa kanila but lalong bilib ako sa kagandahang loob na pinakita mo sa isang female runner. Good job, Friend!

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