Unilab Run United 2

Last Nov 19, 2010, I met with my doctor and submitted the results of my laboratory tests.  While he was evaluating my documents, I felt anxious and nervous as to what will be his diagnosis.  Nonetheless, I was hopeful that everything will be alright and I would not be restricted to run.

I got a sigh of relief when he told me that despite my low hemoglobin count, I can still continue with my physical activities.  I clarified if the physical activities he was referring to will also include running. The good doctor answered in the affirmative and this made me so happy and jubilant.  However, he reminded me to be cautious and to listen to my body always.  He told me not to push beyond my limit as I have the option to stop anytime. He also added that  I should take care of my only one body, my only one life on earth.  To end our conversation, he then prescribed an appropriate supplement for me.

With this pleasant news, I rushed home and  immediately prepared my things for my half marathon in the Unilab Run United 2 on the following day.  I slept early and set my alarm.

On race day, I even woke up ahead of my alarm clock.  I was so eager to run again but of course I planned to run at an easy pace only.  I was so lucky as my loving husband decided to run with me all through out the race.  He provide me with stories and jokes along the way.  He only left me in the last 200 meters before the finish line.

It was a very memorable race for me as I ran without fear of any ailment or whatever.  I truly enjoyed the route and the provision of water, powerade, and bananas by Run Rio and Unilab.  The sponsors were so generous, the marshals were plenty and the run in itself was truly worth the registration fees.   In one word,  I will describe it as very fulfilling race.


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