Resort World Fiesta Run

First of all, I want to thank Que, the queen of for inviting me to run.  If not for her, I would missed the opportunity to experience first hand running in the Newport City.  It provided us new route or  new adventure which is worthwhile trying.  However, as I observed, the motorists in this area were not patient or maybe they are not used to races  yet.  The marshals did their job very well despite minor confrontation with some drivers.

Except for that observation, it was a very organized race with superb fiesta atmosphere.  We all enjoyed the race.  We were provided with water and pocari sweat.  There were lot of freebies after the race.  I noticed that everyone was so happy and jolly.  It was such an enjoyable morning for all of us.

My youngest son was likewise very happy as this was his first time finishing with his mom.  He was able to improve his time too, which means that he won the deal for us to buy him  his dream shoes.  Congrats!

with James, Que, & Carinz

with my son, joseph & arnel

with master mon, joseph, arnel & james

with marshals


One response to “Resort World Fiesta Run

  1. We’d like to invite you for the Run United 2011 bloggers meet. May I have your email address? Thanks!

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