1st Greentennial Run (23 January 2011)

Five months ago, I registered our family  in Greentennial Run for two reasons.  First, in order to  support its mission raising funds for the One La Salle Scholarship Fund.   Second, this will be a very good race  because it will be organized by La Salle alumni, who will surely deliver the expectation of the runners so as not to tarnish their name and reputation.

Yesterday, the day of judgement came.  It was a very successful affair.  We were taken cared of very well.  The race started on time.  Lovely and beautiful marshals were supportive and in high spirits.  The water and Powerade were overflowing.  The route was challenging and accurately measured.  The medals were cute but the lace was a bit of low-class materials. The loot bag and freebies were also remarkable.  In general, the race passed and  met my expectation and if there will be another Greentennial Run in the future, I will surely register again.


got my loot bag after running 15K

boys in my life




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