Condura Skyway Run 2011

I ran a terrific Condura Skyway Run 2011 and I am very proud of my experience there.  It was one of the best if not the best race in the country. Everything was perfectly planned and executed from the minutest detail to the grandest show for the runners.  I cannot think of any other race as well organized as this one.

On 6 February 2011, we started our 21K adventure in Ayala, Makati.  It was still dark when we were led to the South Super Highway to run through the Skyway.  It was a long and continuous incline but very satisfying and exciting.  What a delight to meet the sunrise in the Skyway by foot.  It was also a rare opportunity to be taken advantage of considering that no ordinary citizen will be allowed to run in Skyway at any given point in time.  However, through the intervention of the Concepcion brothers,  we were accorded with this special privilege. Thank you Patrick and Ton.  You really made a difference in our lives. We also look forward to running the Condura Full Marathon next year.

I would also like to thank my ever supportive husband for running by my side most of the time.  He took a lot of my pictures during the race. He patiently paced with me and provided me the motivation I needed to attain my goal.  With him, I was able to finish strong at an improved time.  I am very happy!

What a lovely run in a very lovely day.

taken before the race at the Ayala Triangle

with my running partner for life

Still dark at the Skyway

lovely dawn at the Skyway by foot

now running with my buns

pushing some more, leaving my buns behind

my Sam waited for us

both happy and satisfied

with couz Emy while enjoying our free ice cream

with Rico

The Bautistas

6 responses to “Condura Skyway Run 2011

  1. You’re getting stronger and stronger! Congratulations, Meek Runner! 😀

  2. therunningninja

    Congrats mam!

  3. Congrats Anna. Nice to see you on the race, and in that meaningful singlet. 🙂

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