2nd Clark Animo Run

It was a rainy Saturday and I was so worried that the weather condition will dampen my brother’s desire to run his first race with us.  Although, in our past talks he was so excited to embark in running in addition to his biking, still he had this apprehension and doubts on his capability to run.

As we joined him and his family in the hotel, he asked me if the race will push through even if it is still raining on race day.  I answered him that based on our experience, races go on rain or shine.  He smiled a bit but I felt the uneasiness and concerns in his tone of voice.

Sunday morning around 3:30 am, my husband woke me up to prepare for the race.  So I immediately checked the surroundings and felt bothered that rain was still pouring.  I silently whispered a prayer to our Lord to give us a good weather for the day and proceeded with my rituals.  My three children and brother also prepared themselves.  It was still dark when we went out of the hotel,  I noticed that the pavements were still wet but the drizzle stopped. Thank God!

As registered in the 21K category,  I, together with my hubby and son, went ahead to the starting line leaving my brother to the care of my two children.  He will run with them in 10K category.  What a bold and brave move for him to run his first race!  My daughter later on told me that before their race started, my brother even wanted to volunteer as doctor in the aid station.  Maybe, this was his way to really assess if he will continue or not.

When 21K runners were given clearance to start, my older son sped up and ran ahead of us.   My husband and I decided to run the Galloway’s 4-1.  It was the first time we decided to try this together.  I had mine a day before during my 90-minute long run in the Fort.  Looking back, I realized I should have tried this long time ago.  This strategy was truly enjoyable and rewarding.  I felt very strong until the Finish Line and I even got my PR slashing 9 minutes from my time in Condura last Feb 6, 2011.   I am now thinking that I will use this strategy in my TBR Dream Marathon on the 20th of this month.

Going back to the story of my brother, his wife and daughter came before the race to cheer for him.  They even waited for him until he finished the race.  At the start, he ran with my two children but it was my daughter who accompanied him up to third kilometer.  When my daughter assessed that her uncle/ninong can finish the race alone, she left him and decided to run at her own pace.  She, too, got several stories to tell in this race including her encounter with showbiz personalities.

For me, I was so happy and fulfilled not only for myself and my running family but also for my only brother.   I am glad to know that he was able to finish strong.  At least, he now gained the confidence and love of the sports.  He even told me that he would join us again in the near future. We will see if it could be in Tagaytay Highlands, another hilly and challenging route.

Oh,  how I wish that my parents are still alive because for sure they will  be very proud of their  children who are made of strong stuff and both achievers in their respective fields as well as in running.


my only brother with my older son (both bikers and runners)

very cold Sunday morning

with my unica hija

with my three kids

Victory Jump!!!




2 responses to “2nd Clark Animo Run

  1. Hi anna, what a fun race don’t you think? Too bad i didn’t see you there! Congrats to you and your family for finishing your respective races. 🙂

    • Thanks Dennis! I agree with you….t’was really a fun race. I hope other organizers will also consider Clark for races and marathons with its challenging route, security of runners and of course no polluted air.

      I was not able to recognize you then because you are no longer the running fat boy, but running fit man… ..cheers!

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