AKTV Run – 21km and still standing

My son Sam  and I joined the 21km AKTV Run organized by Runrio for the TV5. There were fireworks right before the opening.  Many friends and runners also joined the race.  I saw the Estrella couple – Baby and Bro J,  fellow Landbankers -Ted, Greg and Dennis at the starting line.  These three guys  ran their first half marathon.

For this race, I decided to use the Galloway’s 4-1, so I set my Garmin and religiously followed it with a very conservative time goal in mind.  This was another enjoyable run with no pressure on myself.  As the race progressed, we were treated very well.  The west side of Roxas Boulevard  was closed to motorists so runners can run safely.  The route was challenging but pleasurable. We were provided with water stations  after every 2.5KM.  After crossing the finish line, I got my medal and finisher’s tshirt with print –  21KM and still standing.  I made it, I hit my goal and I am still standing.  Thank you Lord God Almighty.

21KM done!

my son did a great job again!

with Baby Estrella

with Sam and Ted

2 responses to “AKTV Run – 21km and still standing

  1. Mag 4:1 din tayo sa TBRDM. What’s your pace naman?

  2. Cge, depende sa yo. Pag kasi pag nag-galloway ako, on the following day, pain free na and pwede ng mag heels sa office…

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