Greentennial Run (16K) – May 22, 2011

We had no plan of joining any race that weekend because we got no helper yet and we have to prioritize household chores instead of going to races.  But when I received an invitation from James Rosca, one of the active Happy Feet members, I immediately signified my intention to grab the slot both for Jun and I.  James was so generous to consider and register us in the 16K category.

It was my first long run after my vacation and though I lack preparation, I was ready to go with an objective of just finishing the race. I was not even aware of route nor the exact location of the start/finish line.  On the morning of race day, I thought the race will be in MOA but when we passed through Aseana area, we noticed that runners for Greentennial were convening there. So, my husband dropped me off while he looked for the parking area.

I immediately texted James for his whereabout,  so I can see him and pick up our race kits.  The 21K runners were about to start when James appeared in front of me waving our race kits.  After taking them and thanking James, I walked back going through the parking area but I saw Dennis Matias.  He told me that he just left his backpack in the baggage area.  When I heard that, I requested him if we can put my kits in his bag instead of us carrying it while running. Dennis obliged without hesitation.  All things worked well for me.

In a little less than 5 minutes, my husband came and joined us in the starting coral for 16K.  We also met there Mon, Jess, Leia, James, etc. In a while, our race count down started and gun fired.

The route was new to me and the weather was the typical hot and humid.  We ran and enjoyed the race which was provided with strategically located water stations and water tanks with shower provision.  It was a good race and each finisher was given a finisher medal.  I even qualified to a finisher’s tshirt  allocated for the first 100 finishers per category and per gender.  Thank you Greentennial for such a good race.

my only picture in Greentennial Half Marathon



2 responses to “Greentennial Run (16K) – May 22, 2011

  1. Wow! You were among the first 100 to cross the finish line? Awesome! Hug, hug. Kiss, kiss.

  2. Thank you, my friend!

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