Resurrection of the Lord Parish Fiesta Run

Three days upon my arrival from US, I joined the ROLP Fiesta Run with my son and daughter.  This was held Sunday morning after we attended the Easter Vigil in our Good Shepherd Parish.  There was only one category in this run so we all ran 5K.  I saw some familiar faces at the starting line and greeted them.  I have a very simple game plan considering that this will be my first come back run in the heat of the sun after enduring the very cold and snowy weather in Minnesota.

At first, I found it hard to start.  I felt being thawed but thanks to Elma who ran and entertained me during the course. She said that we should just  run slowly because she already gave way to her friend to top on this race.  We kept on talking while running.  But to our surprise, she even finished 3rd in our category while I ranked 5th.  And also worth mentioning is that my daughter finished 2nd in her age group!  Lastly, Sam,  and I also won in the raffle of grocery items. What a beautiful Easter Sunday!

mother and daughter team

Sis and Bro Team

list of winners---with two bautistas

first and 2nd finishers


2 responses to “Resurrection of the Lord Parish Fiesta Run

  1. Kaya naman pala pati sa homily ni Father, special mention ang unbeatable Team Bautista Family. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks a lot! Updated kasi si Father sa affairs of our family…

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