Kawasan Falls Marathon (24 July 2011)

My husband and I joined the Kawasan Falls Marathon in Badian, Cebu.  It was a coastal, scenic, uphill and rolling paved course.  I immediately fell in love with the surrounding and environ.  The race was simple  with only 42K and 21K categories.  It was well-organized with full support and amenities for runners.

this is Badian going to Alegria

The people in the area lined up the road to watch the runners.  Some of them cheered for the runners too.

certified cheer leader?

The barangay officials manned the traffic and the hydration stations.  These stations were loaded with sufficient water and plastic cups.

care to drink?

I enjoyed the calming and peaceful view of the ocean while running with these locals from Cebu.

running with boys from Cebu

We were also treated with almost 1K of rough road going to the Kawasan Falls.

Last stretch of the paved road before turning right into the trails

I finally crossed the finish line within my target time.  We were so happy as my husband was able to complete the course without any pain or hassle..

i made it! another 21K done!

with my husband cum running partner

with janette and kenyan runners - 42K winners

so refreshing... i wanna stay

its time to thank the Lord for gift of life and strength

contents of my loot bag and my medal

this is where we stayed for a night

my reward!!!!

3 responses to “Kawasan Falls Marathon (24 July 2011)

  1. I’m speechless. I sooooh envy you. Running anywhere your heart desires, with the love of your life. What more can you ask from life?

  2. I am really soooh blessed….and I cannot thank God enough…

    thank you for dropping by my friend….

  3. Meron palang ganyang event. Cool 🙂

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