MBC Manila Bay Clean-up Run (17 July 2011)

LANDBANK has been into Manila Bay Clean-up for several years already. I am a regular participant and cleaner.  I wanted to share my time and energy in the noble cause of doing something for the mother earth.

For this year, the Manila Broadcasting Company, one of the partners of LANDBANK in the Manila Bay Clean-up Program sponsored a Fun Run, so it is but obvious that I will be joining the event.

On July 17,2011, I, together with 118 members of the LANDBANK Runners Club, joined the event.  Cholo, Ted and Loida helped me gather all the runners from head office and nearby branches.  I think 10 of us ran in the 21K while most of our members ran in the 5K and 3k categories.  It was an enjoyable run with friends and fellow Landbankers.  I also enjoyed the company of my son who stuck with me all through out the course.

At the finish line, I was so happy to see my NCR C family.  I felt like a winner as they patiently waited and cheered for me.   Thank you for showering me with your love. I will not forget you all.

with my ncr c family

with my husband and son



2 responses to “MBC Manila Bay Clean-up Run (17 July 2011)

  1. Ang daming nagmamahal sa ‘yo Anna. Wala bang naghahanap ng running partner for life hehe…

  2. Nakakatuwa nga kasi ang dami na naming runners sa lbp…. maybe that’s one of my missions of earth… to inspire people to run…

    running partner mo?….darating din yan…in His time…

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