Run 2 United (21 August 2011)

For the month of August, my run was limited to several short runs only as the weather condition was not cooperative.  My time to run was likewise reduced with my recent cross-posting from ADBS to ES.  As a good soldier, I have to follow order, prepare and equip myself at work while setting aside running for a while or until I can fully adjust in my new post.  This was further aggravated when I got sick as I was one of the victims of food poisoning in the office.

At any rate, I was able to participate in only one fun run of the bank which is a 5K course before I joined this Run 2 United.  With determination to run long, my husband and children went with me.  We conditioned ourselves that we will enjoy and finish the race.

The race was great will the usual trademarks of Coach Rio.  The marshals were adequate and strategically located especially in the main thoroughfares.  There were long tables for the hydration – water and powerade.  There were tents for the medics.  The ambulance was likewise available.  There were medals, finisher’s tshirts and loot bags for finishers.  I also saw some running friends.  The only negative comment I can mention is the technical problems when it comes to results.  As of this writing, my husband and I were not in the list of finishers.

courtesy of Raul, ARC Manila

21k finishers - me with my husband and son

my buns finished his 10k



4 responses to “Run 2 United (21 August 2011)

  1. You’re an inspiration! I love reading your blogs..

  2. Thank you, Les. Your comment inspires me too.

  3. My greatest frustration in RU2 is lack of sufficient bananas which I desperately needed! Grabe, humahagibis ka na, relaxed pace pa lang pala sa yo ‘yon, and to think kagagaling mo lang from food poisoning! Di kaya mabored ka sa akin sa TBRDM? Pls think it over if you really want to be my pacer.

  4. Hi Nora,

    its a deal… we will run together sa tbrdm mo…please let me know when to email jaymie…as far as I can remember may advisory sya for that.

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