Run United 3 – my 32k race

The Run United 3- 32k race coincided with my scheduled 32K long run in preparation for my full marathon this December.  It was held in MOA but we covered four cities namely Makati, Pasay, Paranaque and Manila.

I love the route except for the noisy buses and motorists along Buendia Avenue specifically from the corner of Roxas Boulevard up to Taft Avenue.  Those drivers felt bad being trapped in the traffic jam but their never ending blowing of horns irritated me. They showed no respect for runners so I cannot avoid comparing them with the good and patient motorists in the Bonifacio Global City.

Thank God, the marshals calmly handled the situation for the runners to go through the race.  I was also worried about my son as the situation was not normal but since I cannot do anything to help him, I just whispered a prayer for him.  It was only when we reached Bautista Street along Buendia Avenue when I truly felt relieved of the noise and carbon expelled by diesel buses and jeepneys.

This was also the point I started enjoying myself and my run.  Before the turn- around after Makati Avenue, I saw several friends like Roselle, Bro J, Baby James and Nora. I also saw several LANDBANK runners like Benson, Ted, Greg, Janette, Dennis, Jong, Ronald and Abante.

In our way from Makati to Roxas Boulevard, the noise and the vehicles were reduced.  It was quite good compared when the time we passed through it the first time.  When we reached Roxas Boulevard, we turned left going to Paranaque passing through the Edsa Flyover.  Our turn-around point was somewhere near the Coastal Mall.  At that point, the sun started to appear and it was beginning to be hot.

At around 19km or 20Km after the Edsa Flyover, I catched up with Nora and we began running together.  She mentioned that her cousin will pace her starting the 22KM.  But unfortunately, he did not show up.  She asked me to run ahead but I stayed with her.  I told her we will finish the race side by side.

It was getting hotter but I have no doubt that we can finish the race together.  We stopped at every water station to hydrate ourselves despite the absence of gatorade.  We continued running up to Luneta, the turn-aound spot in Manila.  On our way back to MOA, we stopped in front of the Philippine Navy headquarters and bought buko juice.  Wilbert joined us, too.

When we reached Macapagal Boulevard, there was a sensation on my legs so I tried to look for the aid station to ask for liniment.  But, there was none.  I stretched a bit and on our last 2km I started walking while Nora was running.  She cannot walked as it was painful for her to walk. I cannot run as it might trigger the pain in my legs.  At any rate, we were still together.

What a relief, when we saw the finish line and of course, when I saw my husband with the camera.  Nora and I finished the race together within our target time.

finishing our 32K together

After the race, I joined the Happy Feet (HF) guys for short chat and picture taking.  I thanked Roselle (Running Diva) for generously sharing some of her stuff to HF peeps.  My daughter and I benefited and we cannot thank her enough.

Happy Feet Peeps

4 responses to “Run United 3 – my 32k race

  1. I didn’t recognize the person next to Ms. Nora. It was you all along? 🙂 Congratulations! It was also good to see familiar faces.

  2. Congrats, Anna! Long time no see!:-)

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