Nathan Ridge Run – Tagaytay Highlands (20 Nov 2011)

I have been in the Tagaytay Highlands for several times.  As far as running is concerned, we  tried joining a couple of Mizuno Races held in this place.  But this Nathan Ridge Run, our third,  was the most difficult.  I have been running for several years and have done three marathons but I suffered most pain after this Nathan Ridge Run.  At this time that I am writing this, I am doubting if I am injured, but of course, I am praying that I am not as I have to be ready and fit for my fourth marathon next month.   

my youngest child in his 5k

This new route was very challenging, mostly uphill and steep.  I think mountainous should be the perfect description.  Then, for every ascent, the uncontrollable rolling down hill followed.  It was very hard to fight the pull of gravity.  I lost balance in several instances so I tried running sidewise.  But  because of the perfect climate and the camaraderie of other runners, I still enjoyed the race.

scenic Tagaytay Highlands

I would like to commend the organizer for asking all  runners to bring water containers  because no plastic cups will be provided.  Thanks to Nathan for giving each runner hand-held water container.  This is the only race with no trash along the along the road.  We were hydrated well but the road was very clean before and after the race.

running to the finish line

with my friend, Carrie Cordero

my 2nd child about to finish 21k in 2hours

Right after the race, we were treated to a breakfast.  A simple yet perfect one.

Free breakfast

with Benson and his friend

with LANDBANK Runners


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