Mission Accomplished at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (TBRDM) 2012

The TBRDM 2012, a marathon for first or second time marathoners, was held last March 18, 2012 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. As in the previous years, it started at 2 o’clock in the morning. It was conceptualized by Jaymie Pizarro, the TBR herself.  Coach Jim Lafferty crafted the training program for the registered runners while Neville Manaois designed the 42.195K route. It was again a very organized race and I think it is getting better year after year.

I have been a part of the TBRDM since 2010, its maiden edition.  I, together with my husband and two grown up kids did our first marathon through this initiative of Jaymie.  We cannot forget our experience as well as the lessons learned.  Our first marathon helped us to become better persons and bond our family stronger than before.  In 2011, I was accepted to substitute for a friend one month before the TBRDM schedule and I was able to finish it alone.  I was even able to improve my time despite having my monthly period.  Although it was my second time, it is still a very memorable accomplishment and no one can take away the confidence I gained through it.

For this year’s TBRDM, I played a different role.  I was no longer a participant but a pacer.  I volunteered to accompany my friend Nora, the Golden Girl.  I was also there to cheer for my friends and office mates, namely Carrie, Ted, Janette, Dennis, Greg, Jess, and other runners.  It was a very happy occasion for  all the finishers and well-wishers.

starting 2am in the morning

starting 2am in the morning

42K done, we are at the last 0.195K to finish

We are approaching Nora's kids and family

flowers for the marathoner and her pacer... how sweet!

come on... we're very near

Congrats, my friend! You did it!

I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to experience the role of a pacer.  It gave me the opportunity to serve a friend and to share in her pain and glory.  Up to now, I cannot describe the satisfaction but what I know is that I am the happiest person for Nora, as we crossed the finish line together.  I think that experience will forever remind me how it is to be a true friend,  how it is to be selfless, and  how gratifying it is to give without waiting for anything in return.

Thank you Nora for trusting me and for being cool  whenever I attempted to push you a bit.  I really tried to be careful in every word I uttered because you were in pain.  Sorry for not asking you if you want to stop because giving up is not in my vocabulary and I know deep in my heart that you are a survivor and you can finish it within cut-off.

Thank you for the friendship.  I hope after your second marathon, we will no longer be runners for life but friends for life too.

(Special thanks to Benson Morales and Romy for the photos)

3 responses to “Mission Accomplished at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (TBRDM) 2012

  1. Pinaiyak mo na naman ako. You’ve given me more than the gift of friendship Anna. We will not only be friends forever, but sisters for life too. Thank you sa lahat-lahat my dear. Let’s start training for our first 55k (este 50k for you, 55k for me hehe . . . )!

    • Thank you, Nora for being a friend and sister too. Sure ka na sa T2N 2013? come on mag train na tayo for my 50 at 50?

  2. Just say when. Biruin mo, 5k lang ako when I turned 50. Ikaw, 50k at 50!!!!

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