50 – 50 – 50

What sort of blog title is this? Numbers? What is this all about?

Well, I cannot think of the best title than this, as I am still very happy and grateful of the blessings which came last Sunday, 16 June 2013.

Who would ever think that I, turning 50 years old with my only sibling, eight years younger, will conquer our first ultramarathon together? When we were younger, we were not allowed to play outside our home. We never experienced playing under the rain. We were never exposed to elements. We were just trained to study and study hard. We were trained to excel in academics and in school activities only.

Well, folks, now we did it, we ran under the rain and in the scorching heat of the sun. We were exposed to the elements. We ate with our bare hands. We stayed along the street for more than 9 hours. We enjoyed the Laguna to Quezon (L2Q) 50K Ultramarathon. And we covered 50 kilometers exactly 50 days before my 50th birthday. If that is not God’s perfect plan, I do not know how to call it.

Last year, I was dreaming of doing a 50 km at 50 yo, but there was no schedule for ultramarathon in August. Then out of the blue, my brother,after completing his first marathon, asked me if I wanted to join him in L2Q. I never heard about the organizer so I asked some friends and they encouraged me to try this one as this L2Q will be the maiden ultramarathon organized by Run Mania. I consulted my husband and he consented. My son also volunteered to join his dad in supporting us. Every piece of the puzzle fell into its proper place.

However, two weeks before the big day after running RU2 32K, I got a knee injury. I was limping when I attended our MILO Apex MOA but I was fortunate, our PT Ivan, Coach Romy and TM Toel were all very supportive of me. I was treated well and allowed to rest and recover.

Two days before the L2Q, my period came, a great distraction and disturbance for a very long run. Likewise, there were so many challenges at work. There were so many tasks to be done before I can go on vacation leave. There were so many glitches coming along the way but I decided to ignore all of them and just focus on reaching my goal of finishing the race within allowable time injury free.

Part of the preparation was the visit of the route for familiarization. Then, with the help of Bubut, we prepared my time plan for race. Grace, my secretary helped me booked for the hotel in Sta Cruz. Bing, my assistant at home prepared for my things. Coach Romy reminded me to bring “malong” so I asked Loida, my former secretary to buy me one in Quiapo. My husband bought me a mini-portalet and two plastic chairs to be used along the route. Jinky delivered the heavy-duty styro for our hydration and ice. The preparation was full of love and support of the people around me. Thank you guys for showering me with your love.

On race day, my husband very lovingly and patiently supported my brother and me. My son attended to all my demands without showing any resentment. He put my glide, socks and shoes every time I felt the need to change to dry one to be comfortable. He sprayed me with sunblock when it was hot, then with Salonpas spray when there was pain. He gave me water, pocari, gatorade, GU, chocolates, and banana. He tried to understand me despite my temperament especially towards the last 6km. My husband kept on feeding me, handing my personal effects, and giving me everything I asked for. He was like a father to me – I felt pampered all the way. I cannot thank them enough because without them, I might have a hard time finishing the course. They are the best support crew ever!

I was also lucky having my brother with me all throughout the route. There was no dull moment. We recounted our growing years. We talked and discuss every topic under the sun. We remembered how our parents nurtured and guided us. We realized how we owed them although they both left us early to join our Creator, at least they prepared us to be independent and strong-willed. We enjoyed the scenery, the people we met along the way, the provisions of the organizers like boiled banana, boiled eggs, ice cream and sandwich. Along the race, we were both happy to be part of this ultra as we are about to finish our own history that nobody can take away from us.

This ultra is not just a bragging right, this is an affirmation of God’s loving grace. This is a reflection of goodness and bonding of family. This is the product of friendship and hope for humanity.

Cheers to all 50K L2Q Finishers! Cheers to Run Mania – great organizer! Cheers to all support crews! Cheers to the hospitable people of Laguna and Quezon!

Salamat po sa inyong lahat at salamat po Panginoong Diyos.
























6 responses to “50 – 50 – 50

    • Bro,
      Alam mo ba Sam wants to join an Ultra na rin. He told me that – sobrang na-ispire po ako sa performance nyo ni Ninong last Sunday. Kakatuwa naman!

  1. Alam mo bang kahapon ko pa tinatry na magpost ng comment pero ayaw pumasok? I hope this time pumasok na ‘to.

    As I told you over the phone, I cried when I saw in FB that you just conquered L2Q 50K. There I was, still trying to convince you to run with me Rizal to Laguna Nov. 3 — not knowing that you’ll be running your first ULTRA last June 16! I felt soooooh bad for not being there to support you. But I definitely agree with you that you have the BEST support crew on planet earth. Congratulations to ALL of you!!!!!

    • Dear Nora,

      I am sorry for not informing you about this. I dont know kasi if I can make it considering the terrain tapos ang daming glitches, but with God’s grace and support of family – this is it!

      With the experience, I can now run with you in your first ultra. Will that be ok?

  2. Congrats, meek runner turned ultramarathoner!

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