About Me

I am a late bloomer in running.  I started to run at the age of 44.  I am a wife and mother of three grown up kids. I am working in one of leading banks in the country. I  am a part time instructor.  I  am a lector too.

My first weekend race took place in Feb 2008 when my daughter and I joined the Pasig River run. Since then, we are joining almost all weekend races. Eventually, my husband and two sons learned to love running too and joined us. Now the family runs together and I hope we will continue to run fit and happy together.

Why the meek runner for a name? Do i look like one? Well, as a novice in this passion . . . I think I should be . . .I should be as patient and meek as possible . . . I should learn to accept the fact that I cannot run like the elite runners but I can make them my inspiration . . . I should patiently run while enjoying all the benefits of running in my life… I should enjoy this gift of life.

43 responses to “About Me

  1. You’re working in Land Bank? My cousin also works there. You also teach? Where?

  2. yes, i am working in Landbank. who is your cousin?

  3. My cousin’s name is Sonny del Rosario.

  4. oh, great! i know him and he knows me…

  5. Hi, Im adding your blog to our blogroll at http://www.takbo.ph. Hope to hear more running stories from you. See you that the OctobeRun.

  6. thanks a lot, jinoe…it’s an honor and pleasure…the takbo.ph is doing a great help for us…its very informative and always updated…more power to you…see you soon…

  7. congrats!!!

  8. thanks a lot!

  9. Grabe your 2008 races, ang dami! 🙂

    We should get a picture together at the races.

  10. thanks for the visit, Dindo!

    i am looking forward to our photo op soon.

  11. hey, you dont look your age. see you around! 😉

  12. thanks for the compliment vims! i hope to see you soon!

    take care and happy running!

  13. Hi Ate Anna! Wow, your blog entries and stories are really inspiring! This is the secret pala behind you being so fit.
    Remember, I told you last time that we saw each other that you look fit and slim. And the whole family’s into it! Ang galing! Heard Faye’s and Sam’s stories during Alfonso’s binyag. Congrats! Neil and I look forward to running with you. Regards to everyone.

  14. Thanks for the visit, Ann.

    I hope you and your siblings can join us on the 18 Jan 09 at the PSE bull Run in the Fort. I assure you, it will be a very enjoyable experience. See yah!

  15. we started running pala almost the same time. thanks for visting my site. keep on running and stay fit.

    • running can do wonder… i hope stories like ours will inspire other busy(???) people out there… thanks for the visit too… hope to see you in future races.

  16. Hi Anna,

    Looks like we both started to take up running seriously at the same time.

    Running can indeed do wonders. It keeps us trim and fit.

    Congratulations in advance for achieving your 360km goal.

    All the best and God bless!

  17. Hi Anna,

    This is Rene. Web admin and member of Runnex. Can i re-post your blog on the Runnex Executive Classic on our website, http://www.runnex.org?

    if ok, you can contact me at http://www.admin@runnex.org.


    • Hi Rene,

      sure… you can re-post. no problem with me…i am trying to send my reply in the address you posted but nag- bounce back message ko. thanks for that great race!

  18. analene–it’s now at the home page:


  19. Ms. A,

    I had a great time reasing your posts, this has inspired me to get into gear and hit the road again.

  20. Hi,

    I just saw your picture at Takbo.ph. It’s such a change. You look like a student in your after pic.

    I’m a novice runner as well. I started the same time when you did last year. However, I stopped because I got sick. Now, Im back to running again. I hope I can achieve your mileage.

    • Thank you!

      At first, I hesitated to give my “before” picture because of my look then, but on the second thought that I can inspire others in my own little way, then I have to share it for others to realize how beneficial running could be.

  21. Now I know why you named yourself meek. You are doing very well as a runner. Naks! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Appreciated. See you soon!

  22. Hi Annalene!

    It was nice to see you today… I had to search who you were. I recognized you as being one of the people on the front page of takbo.ph… hehe

    Then I realize that you were the person Bald Runner blogged about re: the “project donate a shoe” and how you got your entire family to run 😀

    Hope to see you again in future races

  23. itsmysocalledlife

    hi ms. ann, you look young for your age, maybe because of your passion about the sports. hope to see you on the coming races.

    Let (http://itsmysocalledlife.wordpress.com/)

  24. hi meekrunner!haven’t met you in person yet but i see your posts in the thread :). Age doesn’t matter, if it even gets you consulation, it is very interesting statistics here in Oz, more female runners who do well in running are in age group 35 ++ :). You do not know what you can do! keep on running!

  25. Good day! I’m Kristel from The Philippine Online Chronicles (http://www.thepoc.net) and I’d like to invite you and your friends for a bloggers meet and greet called ‘POC Presents: Joy Rojas.’

    Get up close and personal with ultrarunner Joy Rojas and her Takbong Pangarap teammates, trainer/navigator Mateo Macabe and manager Chuck Crisanto on April 15, Wednesday at Fully Booked, The Fort in Taguig City. The meet and greet, sponsored by Philippine Online Chronicles, will be held from 6pm to 8pm at the bookstore’s Uview Theatre.

    The event will be hosted by noted bloggers Dine Racoma and Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of filipinaimages.com, a website dedicated to reshaping the Filipina image online.

    Please check out the Takbong Pangarap Channel at POC and this news article for more event details.

    I apologize for putting this invitation up as a comment, I was not unable to find any contact details.


  26. runnerforchrist

    Hi Ann…great blog!
    Add Kita sa blogroll ko ha?
    God bless you and your family.
    I also missed the Southern Race in ATC due to sore throat. Wish to see you in some of the future races.

    “God must especially love MEEK people;He made so few of them.”

    • Hi Ronnie,

      sure, adding me in your blogroll will be a great honor, thanks! see you at the TNF100!

      “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5”

  27. runningshield

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Have a good day. regards

    Thank you very much!

  28. Hi!

    I’m Marianne Tapales from CEMG. We’re an events and promotions agency based in Makati.

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    The launch, which is an event for bloggers, will be in Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia on October 23 (Friday) at 7 pm. The launch will feature Master Coach Jim Saret . Coach Saret will give an interactive talk about the F.I.T. workout, which he designed. The F.I.T. Workout allows you to burn at least 400 calories in 4 minutes.

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  29. hi ann,

    your site inspires me to continue what i started a month ago. like you i too am a late bloomer. im turning 40 soon and very over weight. i hope running will help me shed the pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle. last sunday at the runrio trilogy leg 1 was my first 5km run ever. the experience was a blast. hope to meet soon and thanks for sharing all of your running adventures.


    • Hi Carrie,

      Thanks for the visit! I am glad you found running an enjoyable activity. Like me, I hope you will experience its many benefits and make it a part of your life. I am elated that in my own humbly way I was able to inspire you. I hope to see you in races soon.

      Congrats in your first 5K and wishing you more… take care always and warm regards.

  30. Hi,

    I would like to invite you to join Lifeline Foundation’s Run4Life – a fun run for a cause on July 11 with 3K, 5K and 10K courses. The event will benefit our Satellite School, Patient of the month and Medical Missions.

    More info and registration here: http://www.ineedalifeline.org/run4life

    Thank you!

  31. Dear Meek Runner,

    Good day!

    We at the Knowledge Channel will be a holding a series of running events to generate awareness and support for the cause of Philippine education, particularly in bridging the continuous resource and learning gaps present in our educational system.

    Our campaign is called “KaRUNungan 2010: Run for Knowledge”, and funds we will raise from these races will go to developing more educational programs in English, Science and Math. The programs will be taught by expert teachers, and their aim is to help public school students improve their mastery level in these three subjects.

    Because we are a foundation (and do not have as much resources to market our running events), we wondering if you would be willing to give some of your blog space to help us spread the word about our race/s. We will really appreciate all the help we could get in letting people know about our campaign. 🙂

    So far, Ms. Jaymie Pizarro and Coach Rio have agreed to be our lead supporters, but of course, we would like to reach as many people as possible. And this is why we would like to invite you to help us in our KaRUNungan 2010 campaign.

    Thank you very much, and hoping for your consideration!


  32. im interested to join a club for running. do you have a club? may i know how to join? ive learned that a running club teaches some techniques in proper running. thanks

  33. Good afternoon po!

    On behalf of the UP Industrial Engineering Club, we would like to invite you to LuntiRUN, an event for the benefit of the Isko Cleans UP, a project to implement solid waste management in the University of the Philippines – Diliman.

    It would be held on March 27, 2011 at Filinvest, Alabang.

    You may register online at register online at http://runnersrunner.com/luntirun

    or visit our fb page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LuntiRUN/173271916044025

    Thank you po and Godbless!

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