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We Survived the Mt. Pinatubo Trek

Our family had our first trek and it was in the hot and challenging route to the crater of Mount Pinatubo.

We reached the crater after a two-hour challenging walk.

My daughter and her siblings took a boat to be at this hot and boiling part of the crater.

As early as 2 o’clock in the morning, we were all up and about to experience the exciting activity.  We arranged a tour which will pick us up from the corner of Quezon Avenue and Edsa in going to Capas, Tarlac.  From there we will be transported to Crow Valley through 4×4 vehicle before we will start our trek.

At the registration area, with 4x4 vehicle assigned to our family.

at the welcome banner

We entered the Mt. Pinatubo area through a very rough and bumpy ride in the 4×4 assigned to us.  We crossed several rivers, sand, rocks and soft ground.  As we reached the Crow Valley, we took a short stop for photo ops.  Then, we rode again until we reached our next stop which marked the start of our trek to the crater.

We took this long route as the “skyway” or the previous road was no longer accessible after being damaged by several typhoons which hit the country.  We walked through lahar, river, rocks and slippery trails in the heat of the sun.   It tested our strength, patience and perseverance.  In other word, it tested our character.  I am so proud of children as I never heard a single word of complaint.  They all silently walked but in our pit stops they sometimes exchanged jokes.

bonding time again

My pictures below will definitely say it all.  I need not elaborate but one thing I am sure, that God was with us, all the way. He guided us and gave us energy to complete this family adventure.  He made us victorious and He allowed us again to feel how blessed we are, as a family and as God’s children.  I never imagine we can conquer this one, but we did it.

Taken while we were riding our service vehicle.

We are ready to start walking...

First of the many rivers we crossed

at the long and dry road

a bit slippery but I made it

walking cautiously

Reaching the regular start of trek but in our case only after a two-hour walk

Almost there... getting stronger!

We made it...tired but very happy

great affirmation of God's goodness

a sight to behold and cherish

taking the boat to reach the boiling point of the lake (crater)

looking fulfilled after exploring the other part of the crater

before leaving the place

one of the last shots before getting ready to climb and leave the place

I want to congratulate my friends, Romel, Roselle, Ernie, Myrgie and Al,  for the courage to start and join us in this adventure and nature trip.  I know they found the trails difficult and exhausting but I hope they gained something from the experience.

my family with our friends - Romel & Roselle (sisters), Al & Myrgie (husband & wife) and Ernie

As we bid goodbye to this natural wonder of Mt. Pinatubo, I asked myself this question – will there be one organizer who will find courage to hold a trail run in this place?