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Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 (04 Dec)

Let me account an experience worth sharing and I hope will also be inspiring particularly to those dreaming to finish their first marathon.  I never imagined that joining 42.195K  race abroad will be this fulfilling and memorable.  I actually felt the anxiety and nervousness weeks before the race although I tried to ignore it considering that this will be my fourth full marathon.

But now, let me share my recollection of the recently concluded SCMS 2011:

1. I never felt alone running in foreign land. There was no instance I was running by myself.  There was always someone by my side, whether a man or woman, whether Singaporean, Chinese, Malaysian, Australian, Indian, American, Filipino, or whatever race, whether young or old, whether tall or short, whether with fair or dark skin. The road was always crowded and full of runners.  There were 20,000 registered runners for the full marathon category and of this number 15,727 finished within the cut-off.  I am the 11,648th finisher, with 4,079 runners behind me.

some of the 20,000 registered runners in full marathon, 19,700 in half marathon, 16,000 at 10K race

2. The cut-off time was not restrictive. Therefore, non-elite, intermediate runners and first time marathoners can join and still enjoy the run.  I felt no pressure but enjoyment and satisfaction all through out the race.  I was able to enjoy the scenic coastline of East Coast Park by foot.

part of the route

we passed through a lot of bridges including the "heartbreak bridge"

3. They provided runner-friendly pre-race arrangements. The registration, release of race packets and even provision of MRT for the runners were considered and thought of very well.  Upon receipt of the race packets, teenage girls with laptops were lined-up along the exit path to encourage runners to check and validate if the tags in the race bibs are working and accurate.  I never experienced this in any of the races I joined before.

Convention Hall F, Marina Bay Sands

systematic releasing of race packets

everything computerized...those manning the booths were all happy and playful

race packets released in less than a minute!!!

MRT for the runners

at the Orchard Station

4. The race started on the dot at 5am but with the volume of runners, I crossed the starting line after walking for eight minutes after gun start. If my opinion will be asked, I think it will be better if the race started at 4am considering the weather in Singapore.

at the starting line

5. They assigned  marshals who are all young, energetic, playful  and jolly. These marshals also served as our cheerers.  Their lively spirits touched and inspired us.   They even volunteered to provide massage cream at any runner’s request.  They seemed to enjoy their tasks at hand.  Despite their age, they showed they are capable and really knowledgeable of what they are doing.

6. The drink stations located every 2km were provided with overflowing Ice Mountain water and 100 Plus sports drink. No one will be dehydrated as long as he/she would take a sip in every station. The supply was more than enough.

7. The Active Tiger Balm muscle rub cream were plenty and provided liberally to any runner.  It was offered to all runners. I can no longer recall how many times I took this to relieve my sore legs.

8. Shotz Energy Gel of varied flavors were distributed freely. No restriction or limit per runner. This is the counterpart of GU here in the Philippines.

9. Fresh big bananas were allocated and runners can take at their hearts’ desire.  The boxes of bananas were stacked along the road but non-runners did not take advantage of them.

about to cross the Finish Line

10. As I crossed the finish line, emcees greeted and congratulated each one us.  They reinforced and reaffirmed the achievement of each finisher.

I did it! Praise God!

11. The booths for the finisher’s tshirts and medals were sorted per category and per Tshirt size, thus, distribution was fast and orderly.

"International Marathoners Mother and Child"

12. There were post race provisions such as free drinks, towels and massage in the big tent.  There were also several photo booths to avoid snail queues of those availing of souvenir shots.

I have here some photos taken by my husband while waiting to meet us.  And, before I forget, there were several meeting points for the families to stay and wait for the runners.

runners and greeters

no boundaries... not even the religion

no restrictions... not even the size and shape

we may not be as tall as these runners

do we still need some other motivation? look at his other leg

does age matter?

how about the country of origin?

revival of the power rangers?

Post race pictures of my family:

my boys - i love them both

with my running buddy but now our number 1 supporter - i hope he will recover soon

walking back to MRT station

BIG Thank you to Fermin, Lani, FA,& LJ for the accommodation. You are part of this achievement.