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Alaska Cycle Finisher

I checked my last post and found out that it was made on 18 June 2013.  It tells about my first ultra marathon in Laguna to Quezon which was done to celebrate my 50th birthday.

Today, I want to include in this journal my newest adventure in sports and that is my first Community Ride via Alaska Cycle Philippines where I registered and finished a 20KM ride from MOA to Roxas Boulevard.  We traversed and climbed the Buendia and Edsa Flyovers four times.  I am so happy that I finished it in 1 hour and 18 minutes.  I do not know  if that time is something to be proud of but for a newbie and oldie like me, it means a lot.  It is an affirmation of my strong resolve, character, strength, focus and perseverance.  Above all, it is a realization of a long time dream and I thank God for the blessing of life, good health and financial provision.

Riding a bike had been in my bucket list for the longest time.  I cannot even recall how and when it started.  What I know is that I set the timeline and age for me to learn  it, or to be exact, I told myself that I should be able to ride a bike by the age of  55.   As I mentioned, my dream came true and I am very happy that I made it before my self-imposed timeline.

I cannot thank enough my husband who gave me a folding bike (Mashii) as anniversary gift last October 2014.  With my family’s support,  I slowly learned to balance and pedaled her every weekend. I enjoyed how we bond and move together. After several months of riding her within the confines of the Golden Heaven Memorial Park, I tried her on the road along C5 Extension.

After six months of riding her, I felt the need to buy a new bike which can easily climb the flyovers and the one which I will use in a duathlon in the future (another dream).  So, I asked Engr. Alex, who is a longtime MTB rider to assist me in selecting the bike that will fit me.  He presented several options but I have to consider that his proposal is within my budget.

On 10 April 2015, we  went to Cartimar in Pasay and saw a hybrid bike in a store in Leveriza and we both agreed that such bike is right for me.  We learned that the bike was fixed for the store owner and not for sale.  But after minutes of negotiation, she accepted the offer and I brought home my new bike.

On the following day, I tried my new bike.  I cannot explain my emotions but one thing that I am sure- that I really enjoyed my ride. This new bike also gave me the confidence to register and join the Alaska Cycle which was mentioned to me by Emilee Alfonso, a fellow runner and friend. I cannot thank her enough for this experience and I look forward to more in the future.

50 – 50 – 50

What sort of blog title is this? Numbers? What is this all about?

Well, I cannot think of the best title than this, as I am still very happy and grateful of the blessings which came last Sunday, 16 June 2013.

Who would ever think that I, turning 50 years old with my only sibling, eight years younger, will conquer our first ultramarathon together? When we were younger, we were not allowed to play outside our home. We never experienced playing under the rain. We were never exposed to elements. We were just trained to study and study hard. We were trained to excel in academics and in school activities only.

Well, folks, now we did it, we ran under the rain and in the scorching heat of the sun. We were exposed to the elements. We ate with our bare hands. We stayed along the street for more than 9 hours. We enjoyed the Laguna to Quezon (L2Q) 50K Ultramarathon. And we covered 50 kilometers exactly 50 days before my 50th birthday. If that is not God’s perfect plan, I do not know how to call it.

Last year, I was dreaming of doing a 50 km at 50 yo, but there was no schedule for ultramarathon in August. Then out of the blue, my brother,after completing his first marathon, asked me if I wanted to join him in L2Q. I never heard about the organizer so I asked some friends and they encouraged me to try this one as this L2Q will be the maiden ultramarathon organized by Run Mania. I consulted my husband and he consented. My son also volunteered to join his dad in supporting us. Every piece of the puzzle fell into its proper place.

However, two weeks before the big day after running RU2 32K, I got a knee injury. I was limping when I attended our MILO Apex MOA but I was fortunate, our PT Ivan, Coach Romy and TM Toel were all very supportive of me. I was treated well and allowed to rest and recover.

Two days before the L2Q, my period came, a great distraction and disturbance for a very long run. Likewise, there were so many challenges at work. There were so many tasks to be done before I can go on vacation leave. There were so many glitches coming along the way but I decided to ignore all of them and just focus on reaching my goal of finishing the race within allowable time injury free.

Part of the preparation was the visit of the route for familiarization. Then, with the help of Bubut, we prepared my time plan for race. Grace, my secretary helped me booked for the hotel in Sta Cruz. Bing, my assistant at home prepared for my things. Coach Romy reminded me to bring “malong” so I asked Loida, my former secretary to buy me one in Quiapo. My husband bought me a mini-portalet and two plastic chairs to be used along the route. Jinky delivered the heavy-duty styro for our hydration and ice. The preparation was full of love and support of the people around me. Thank you guys for showering me with your love.

On race day, my husband very lovingly and patiently supported my brother and me. My son attended to all my demands without showing any resentment. He put my glide, socks and shoes every time I felt the need to change to dry one to be comfortable. He sprayed me with sunblock when it was hot, then with Salonpas spray when there was pain. He gave me water, pocari, gatorade, GU, chocolates, and banana. He tried to understand me despite my temperament especially towards the last 6km. My husband kept on feeding me, handing my personal effects, and giving me everything I asked for. He was like a father to me – I felt pampered all the way. I cannot thank them enough because without them, I might have a hard time finishing the course. They are the best support crew ever!

I was also lucky having my brother with me all throughout the route. There was no dull moment. We recounted our growing years. We talked and discuss every topic under the sun. We remembered how our parents nurtured and guided us. We realized how we owed them although they both left us early to join our Creator, at least they prepared us to be independent and strong-willed. We enjoyed the scenery, the people we met along the way, the provisions of the organizers like boiled banana, boiled eggs, ice cream and sandwich. Along the race, we were both happy to be part of this ultra as we are about to finish our own history that nobody can take away from us.

This ultra is not just a bragging right, this is an affirmation of God’s loving grace. This is a reflection of goodness and bonding of family. This is the product of friendship and hope for humanity.

Cheers to all 50K L2Q Finishers! Cheers to Run Mania – great organizer! Cheers to all support crews! Cheers to the hospitable people of Laguna and Quezon!

Salamat po sa inyong lahat at salamat po Panginoong Diyos.
























My 7th and 8th Full Marathons

As I crossed the finish line, I cannot even imagine that I did this crazy thing of finishing a 42.195K distance by foot again.  Well, I might be crazy but this proved that I can do a lot of things as long as I put my mind, heart and soul into it. 

I do not want to brag about this achievements but I know sharing these experiences will inspire those not so young people like me. Mind you, I will be turning golden girl very soon.

Last December 2, my husband, my two children and myself ran our full marathon and finished it well despite the very warm weather. My youngest kid, who just turned 18 yo conquered his first full marathon via TBR Dream Marathon last March. IN SG, we enjoyed the peaceful route, great hydration and warm cheers. It was a very enjoyable race despite the challenges along the way.

In February this year, my husband and I registered for the Condura Skyway Full Marathon, while my children opted to join the 21k instead. However, a week before the event, my husband suffered from injury which prevented him to run so I have to run the full marathon alone.

On 5 February, I decided to come early to the venue. Good, I saw Benson in the starting line. He kept me company before Dennis joined us around 11 pm. At exactly 12 MN, the race started but there were several waves. These waves were further divided into two or three batches. We were given 7 hours cut-off to finish it.

It was a very organized race with a lot of hydration stations and a portalet every so often. The Condura bigwigs, Ton and Patrick were there to mingle and support the runners. It was indeed an event designed and organized for the runners by the runners. Not to mention that it supported a very good cause of saving our planet earth and the environment especially the mangroves.

Thank you Lord for the gift of running and the gift of life. Praise God.

My 6th FM – Bohol Marathon 2012

I conquered my sixth full marathon in a very challenging way.  It was held in the beautiful island of Panglao, Bohol on 09 September 2012.  It was a simple race with only 566 finishers in three categories, namely 5K (201 runners),  21k (175 runners),  and  42K (190 runners).

At Bohol Beach Club, the race started around 4 am after a short warm up via  sexy dance number from the local dancers (pam-painit for boys), followed by a count down and fireworks.  We started uphill but my husband and I  did very well.  We  ran all the way while it was dark. When the sun shine came, we joined the group doing 5-1 until we met the Ace Lim, brother of Tagbilaran Mayor, who was  a finisher of 50-states marathons in the US.  He was doing a 1-1 and he was very strong.  He even offered me a 5 hour energy drink.  When we reached the road under repair he sped off and my husband and I had no other choice but to walk on that muddy with pot holes – trail like road measuring more or less 5km.   This made our shoes so heavy that we have to stop at the nearby store to remove our shoes and the sticky mud on it.

When we were about to run again, there was a sensation and pain on the legs  of my husband so we decided to walk most part of the course.  We had several pit stops in various sari-sari stores to re-fuel ourselves and for me to seek comfort on the urge to look for the rest room.  My husband asked one storekeeper  if she can allow me to use their toilet as there was no portalet provide along the course.  The kind storekeeper agreed and there I sought relief.  But I cannot urinate and there was pain in my abdomen. I never realized that I was suffering from extreme dehydration.  I had to bear the pain thinking the sensation will just move away but I was wrong.  It persisted.  However, the warrior in me did not want to give.  I told myself these words :  This pain is only temporary, I will not give up, I will not do that in Bohol.

We attempted to run again, but there were two occasions when my husband was almost hit by an overtaking vehicle coming from our back.  We ran on the safe side or opposite the incoming vehicles but how can we prevent the overtaking vehicles in our back not to hit us.  The road was narrow and two  small opposing vehicles just fit but not enough for buses and wide vehicles. Most of the passing vehicles did not even reduce their speed but even blown their horns on us.  I was forced to run on the shoulder of the road, so at that time, I just imagined that I was doing my training run for ultra.  Whew!  That was punishing and I felt my toes will be dead soon.

The laid-back barrio environment was great but we ran through the long, steep and sharp portions of the roads.  It was like we are covering several and contiguous hills which I called the “never-ending uphill”.  Although I noticed the presence of several churches in those hilly side of the route.

When we reached the entrance of Bohol Beach Club again, my husband and I decided to run and finish the race running.  And we did it.  After crossing the finish line, we received our finisher’s shirts and medals  but we were not able to take pictures as we forgot our camera in the hotel.   At any rate, the memories  of Panglao will always linger on.

It was a hard and difficult race but worth remembering for the lifetime.  It thought me several   lessons, first of which is to be more patient and never give up. Second, there are no two races alike, and I have to accept the best and the worst of each race.  Third, I also realized that in joy and in pain, I have my loving husband to stay and run with me.  I am blessed, do I need to say more?

our finisher’s medals and t-shirts

See you Bohol!

I was not able to write for quite some time due to changes in the nature of my work, but I never stop running.  I might not be running fast or long, but at least, I am running.  If they will ask me to stop running which I love doing, then I do not think I can be productive and deliver what is expected of me.

Despite my hectic schedules, I also play a mom to my triathlete son from time to time.  The whole family supported him in the recent Ironman 70.3 in Cebu and in the Powerade Duathlon in Sta Elena.  I also have two other children to attend to.  In between my roles as mother at home and as banker at work, the treadmill and the nearby roads are my best friends.

This coming week end will be one of my memorable runs and it will be in the beautiful island of Panglao.  My husband and I joined the Bohol Marathon.  I look forward to the fun and enjoyment in running in that place. But, deep in my heart, I am nurturing this little fear considering that I missed some of my training and the recent events such as fire in the office, habagat, and flooding did not cooperate to my timetable.

Yesterday,  I came across this motivational quote:  “Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it’s all about.”  – -PattiSue Plumer, U.S. Olympian.

Do I need to say more? I hope and pray that this will help. I hope we can finish the race with flying colors.

See you, Bohol!


Mission Accomplished at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (TBRDM) 2012

The TBRDM 2012, a marathon for first or second time marathoners, was held last March 18, 2012 at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. As in the previous years, it started at 2 o’clock in the morning. It was conceptualized by Jaymie Pizarro, the TBR herself.  Coach Jim Lafferty crafted the training program for the registered runners while Neville Manaois designed the 42.195K route. It was again a very organized race and I think it is getting better year after year.

I have been a part of the TBRDM since 2010, its maiden edition.  I, together with my husband and two grown up kids did our first marathon through this initiative of Jaymie.  We cannot forget our experience as well as the lessons learned.  Our first marathon helped us to become better persons and bond our family stronger than before.  In 2011, I was accepted to substitute for a friend one month before the TBRDM schedule and I was able to finish it alone.  I was even able to improve my time despite having my monthly period.  Although it was my second time, it is still a very memorable accomplishment and no one can take away the confidence I gained through it.

For this year’s TBRDM, I played a different role.  I was no longer a participant but a pacer.  I volunteered to accompany my friend Nora, the Golden Girl.  I was also there to cheer for my friends and office mates, namely Carrie, Ted, Janette, Dennis, Greg, Jess, and other runners.  It was a very happy occasion for  all the finishers and well-wishers.

starting 2am in the morning

starting 2am in the morning

42K done, we are at the last 0.195K to finish

We are approaching Nora's kids and family

flowers for the marathoner and her pacer... how sweet!

come on... we're very near

Congrats, my friend! You did it!

I was fortunate enough to be given a chance to experience the role of a pacer.  It gave me the opportunity to serve a friend and to share in her pain and glory.  Up to now, I cannot describe the satisfaction but what I know is that I am the happiest person for Nora, as we crossed the finish line together.  I think that experience will forever remind me how it is to be a true friend,  how it is to be selfless, and  how gratifying it is to give without waiting for anything in return.

Thank you Nora for trusting me and for being cool  whenever I attempted to push you a bit.  I really tried to be careful in every word I uttered because you were in pain.  Sorry for not asking you if you want to stop because giving up is not in my vocabulary and I know deep in my heart that you are a survivor and you can finish it within cut-off.

Thank you for the friendship.  I hope after your second marathon, we will no longer be runners for life but friends for life too.

(Special thanks to Benson Morales and Romy for the photos)

My Condura Skyway Marathon Story

I started the year 2012 by trying to prepare for my Condura Skyway Marathon. I joined two half marathons in January such as the Run for Glory (January 7)  and the Go Natural (January 15).  Then on January 28, I went to Nuvali to accompany Nora, the Golden Girl, in the TBR Long Run but I opted to stop after KM 13 to ensure I will still have the energy for my full marathon on February 5.  

Being new in my post at the Head Office, with lot of new things to learn and do, I was not able focus on my training.  I missed my weekday runs and was not even able to have cross training since January 2012.  I was not also able to run a 32K  which is a basic preparation before a full marathon. So, hours  before the Condura Race, I confessed my fear and anxiety to my triathlete son who will be doing a full marathon with me.  I told him that despite finishing 4 marathons, I can’t brush away  the jitters.  I was so nervous that time.   My lack of training was bothering me but maybe the stress and fatigue  since the Christmas season were also catching up with me.

Run for Pinoy Glory - first half marathon in 2012

before the condura marathon

This is how my day before the big event took place.  In the morning of Saturday, I went to our Parish Center to serve as watcher at the slot of MLC up to 11:30 am.  After my duty, I proceeded to SM Center for our weekly grocery supplies as well as to buy ingredients for pasta, bottles of gatorade, bread and candies for our Condura race.   Upon reaching home, we immediately prepared the pasta as I planned to sleep after eating.  But since I was not used to sleeping in the afternoon, I was not able to sleep longer than one hour. At any rate, I kept myself lying on our bed.

Around 5pm, I went down to the kitchen and ate a little.  Afterwards, I tried to go back to sleep again but still not successful.  At around 8pm, I started my pre-race  rituals and prepared myself.

Since my husband and my youngest kid will be doing 21K and 10K respectively, we agreed that we will not be going together to the venue, instead we will be using different cars. So my triathlete son and I went ahead of them and we left the house past 10pm in order to find a parking space and to be at the starting line before 12 midnight gun start.  My husband and youngest son will be going around 2am. 

It was an easy and smooth drive going to Festival Mall.  There were plenty of available parking slots.  Everything went on very well except that I felt  as if I was chilling and beginning to freeze when I got out of the car.  The wind blew strong and  cold which I think aggravated my nervousness.  I tried to recover my self-confidence but the negative factors such as  incomplete sleep,  tiredness and not enough training bothered me.  Thank God, my son assured me that I will be alright. 

As we went to the starting line, I focused on my past experiences as a marathoner.  I imbibed the words of my son and also assured myself that I can finish the race within cut-off.  I recited my mantra and repeatedly told myself that I have done sort of this before and everything within me, from  head to toe, will be cooperating so I can finish strong again.

At the starting friends, I saw a lot of friends and office mates who greeted me with warm wishes and high fives.  It was a midnight but all runners were wide awake.  The excitement level was high and the eagerness to start the race was very evident. Runners were released by wave.  My son and I were lucky to be part of the first wave so we were released right after the elite runners.

From the starting line, we were led to the Skyway wherein the 42K route was basically along that Skyway.   It was very cool and pleasurable to run in the Skyway.  It was a rare opportunity as nobody will be allowed to run there except during the Condura Races.  It was something to look forward to every year.

This Condura Marathon 2012 was very well-organized.  There were enough  provisions for the runners but the foremost consideration that I enjoyed was the safety of the runners.  Every runner can run peacefully and without danger or possibility of being hit or swept by the passing or crossing vehicles along the route.  The whole Skyway was dedicated to runners and that was something to be envied by other organizers.

As to my performance, this was not a PR but another marathon I can be proud of.  It was another affirmation of God’s graciousness and presence in my life.  I want to give all the glory to Him because I was able to start and finish.  It was another miracle  for me. I was able to finish the race. 

my triathlete

My son finished strong at 4h30mins but he patiently waited for me for more than two hours before leaving for this swimming competition.  I was so glad that he still has the energy and he even won silver in 100M freestyle even after a full marathon.

When I crossed the Finish Line, my husband hugged me and I felt super victorious.  Several meters from the Finish Line, we saw Pat Concepcion  waiting for his wife.  He congratulated both of us and he also reminded me to get my medal from the designated booth.  My husband and I walked to the booth, and I was surprised to see my medal as big as a saucer (where’s the cup of coffee?).  I was so happy although I was also very hungry already.

my B I G medal

Instead of looking for something to eat, I told my husband I want to go home,  my youngest kid also agreed. So we went to our different parking areas and drove home separately.  But  I felt the need to pee so I told him I will be dropping by Total Gas Station.  He also parked there and waited for me.  When I was done, we started driving home again.   

my 5th marathon done!

It was a good day. It was a good race. The best thing is that I learned another lesson that my determination and drive will lead me to wherever I want to go, be in marathon or in the daily course of life. However, nothing can give us better performance than a thorough preparation.  We will only reap what we sow.

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 (04 Dec)

Let me account an experience worth sharing and I hope will also be inspiring particularly to those dreaming to finish their first marathon.  I never imagined that joining 42.195K  race abroad will be this fulfilling and memorable.  I actually felt the anxiety and nervousness weeks before the race although I tried to ignore it considering that this will be my fourth full marathon.

But now, let me share my recollection of the recently concluded SCMS 2011:

1. I never felt alone running in foreign land. There was no instance I was running by myself.  There was always someone by my side, whether a man or woman, whether Singaporean, Chinese, Malaysian, Australian, Indian, American, Filipino, or whatever race, whether young or old, whether tall or short, whether with fair or dark skin. The road was always crowded and full of runners.  There were 20,000 registered runners for the full marathon category and of this number 15,727 finished within the cut-off.  I am the 11,648th finisher, with 4,079 runners behind me.

some of the 20,000 registered runners in full marathon, 19,700 in half marathon, 16,000 at 10K race

2. The cut-off time was not restrictive. Therefore, non-elite, intermediate runners and first time marathoners can join and still enjoy the run.  I felt no pressure but enjoyment and satisfaction all through out the race.  I was able to enjoy the scenic coastline of East Coast Park by foot.

part of the route

we passed through a lot of bridges including the "heartbreak bridge"

3. They provided runner-friendly pre-race arrangements. The registration, release of race packets and even provision of MRT for the runners were considered and thought of very well.  Upon receipt of the race packets, teenage girls with laptops were lined-up along the exit path to encourage runners to check and validate if the tags in the race bibs are working and accurate.  I never experienced this in any of the races I joined before.

Convention Hall F, Marina Bay Sands

systematic releasing of race packets

everything computerized...those manning the booths were all happy and playful

race packets released in less than a minute!!!

MRT for the runners

at the Orchard Station

4. The race started on the dot at 5am but with the volume of runners, I crossed the starting line after walking for eight minutes after gun start. If my opinion will be asked, I think it will be better if the race started at 4am considering the weather in Singapore.

at the starting line

5. They assigned  marshals who are all young, energetic, playful  and jolly. These marshals also served as our cheerers.  Their lively spirits touched and inspired us.   They even volunteered to provide massage cream at any runner’s request.  They seemed to enjoy their tasks at hand.  Despite their age, they showed they are capable and really knowledgeable of what they are doing.

6. The drink stations located every 2km were provided with overflowing Ice Mountain water and 100 Plus sports drink. No one will be dehydrated as long as he/she would take a sip in every station. The supply was more than enough.

7. The Active Tiger Balm muscle rub cream were plenty and provided liberally to any runner.  It was offered to all runners. I can no longer recall how many times I took this to relieve my sore legs.

8. Shotz Energy Gel of varied flavors were distributed freely. No restriction or limit per runner. This is the counterpart of GU here in the Philippines.

9. Fresh big bananas were allocated and runners can take at their hearts’ desire.  The boxes of bananas were stacked along the road but non-runners did not take advantage of them.

about to cross the Finish Line

10. As I crossed the finish line, emcees greeted and congratulated each one us.  They reinforced and reaffirmed the achievement of each finisher.

I did it! Praise God!

11. The booths for the finisher’s tshirts and medals were sorted per category and per Tshirt size, thus, distribution was fast and orderly.

"International Marathoners Mother and Child"

12. There were post race provisions such as free drinks, towels and massage in the big tent.  There were also several photo booths to avoid snail queues of those availing of souvenir shots.

I have here some photos taken by my husband while waiting to meet us.  And, before I forget, there were several meeting points for the families to stay and wait for the runners.

runners and greeters

no boundaries... not even the religion

no restrictions... not even the size and shape

we may not be as tall as these runners

do we still need some other motivation? look at his other leg

does age matter?

how about the country of origin?

revival of the power rangers?

Post race pictures of my family:

my boys - i love them both

with my running buddy but now our number 1 supporter - i hope he will recover soon

walking back to MRT station

BIG Thank you to Fermin, Lani, FA,& LJ for the accommodation. You are part of this achievement.

Nathan Ridge Run – Tagaytay Highlands (20 Nov 2011)

I have been in the Tagaytay Highlands for several times.  As far as running is concerned, we  tried joining a couple of Mizuno Races held in this place.  But this Nathan Ridge Run, our third,  was the most difficult.  I have been running for several years and have done three marathons but I suffered most pain after this Nathan Ridge Run.  At this time that I am writing this, I am doubting if I am injured, but of course, I am praying that I am not as I have to be ready and fit for my fourth marathon next month.   

my youngest child in his 5k

This new route was very challenging, mostly uphill and steep.  I think mountainous should be the perfect description.  Then, for every ascent, the uncontrollable rolling down hill followed.  It was very hard to fight the pull of gravity.  I lost balance in several instances so I tried running sidewise.  But  because of the perfect climate and the camaraderie of other runners, I still enjoyed the race.

scenic Tagaytay Highlands

I would like to commend the organizer for asking all  runners to bring water containers  because no plastic cups will be provided.  Thanks to Nathan for giving each runner hand-held water container.  This is the only race with no trash along the along the road.  We were hydrated well but the road was very clean before and after the race.

running to the finish line

with my friend, Carrie Cordero

my 2nd child about to finish 21k in 2hours

Right after the race, we were treated to a breakfast.  A simple yet perfect one.

Free breakfast

with Benson and his friend

with LANDBANK Runners

Run United 3 – my 32k race

The Run United 3- 32k race coincided with my scheduled 32K long run in preparation for my full marathon this December.  It was held in MOA but we covered four cities namely Makati, Pasay, Paranaque and Manila.

I love the route except for the noisy buses and motorists along Buendia Avenue specifically from the corner of Roxas Boulevard up to Taft Avenue.  Those drivers felt bad being trapped in the traffic jam but their never ending blowing of horns irritated me. They showed no respect for runners so I cannot avoid comparing them with the good and patient motorists in the Bonifacio Global City.

Thank God, the marshals calmly handled the situation for the runners to go through the race.  I was also worried about my son as the situation was not normal but since I cannot do anything to help him, I just whispered a prayer for him.  It was only when we reached Bautista Street along Buendia Avenue when I truly felt relieved of the noise and carbon expelled by diesel buses and jeepneys.

This was also the point I started enjoying myself and my run.  Before the turn- around after Makati Avenue, I saw several friends like Roselle, Bro J, Baby James and Nora. I also saw several LANDBANK runners like Benson, Ted, Greg, Janette, Dennis, Jong, Ronald and Abante.

In our way from Makati to Roxas Boulevard, the noise and the vehicles were reduced.  It was quite good compared when the time we passed through it the first time.  When we reached Roxas Boulevard, we turned left going to Paranaque passing through the Edsa Flyover.  Our turn-around point was somewhere near the Coastal Mall.  At that point, the sun started to appear and it was beginning to be hot.

At around 19km or 20Km after the Edsa Flyover, I catched up with Nora and we began running together.  She mentioned that her cousin will pace her starting the 22KM.  But unfortunately, he did not show up.  She asked me to run ahead but I stayed with her.  I told her we will finish the race side by side.

It was getting hotter but I have no doubt that we can finish the race together.  We stopped at every water station to hydrate ourselves despite the absence of gatorade.  We continued running up to Luneta, the turn-aound spot in Manila.  On our way back to MOA, we stopped in front of the Philippine Navy headquarters and bought buko juice.  Wilbert joined us, too.

When we reached Macapagal Boulevard, there was a sensation on my legs so I tried to look for the aid station to ask for liniment.  But, there was none.  I stretched a bit and on our last 2km I started walking while Nora was running.  She cannot walked as it was painful for her to walk. I cannot run as it might trigger the pain in my legs.  At any rate, we were still together.

What a relief, when we saw the finish line and of course, when I saw my husband with the camera.  Nora and I finished the race together within our target time.

finishing our 32K together

After the race, I joined the Happy Feet (HF) guys for short chat and picture taking.  I thanked Roselle (Running Diva) for generously sharing some of her stuff to HF peeps.  My daughter and I benefited and we cannot thank her enough.

Happy Feet Peeps