My Milo Apex Experience

On o1 October 2012, we joined the Milo Apex Running School in MOA by the Bay.  It is an undertaking by MILO with Coach Jim Saret as the primary coach.  On day 1, we  were introduced to world’s greatest stretch.  It was a fun-filled night.  Since that first session,  we came to experience variety of  activities which we found challenging but enjoyable.  Every session opened a new avenue to know or to challenge ourselves better.  There was no dull moment and we even conducted our sessions under the rain or storm.

Through this Milo Apex, I experienced a lot of firsts in my life.  First time to push-up in the rain, first time to play with tires, first time to lay flat in wet pavement and so many other firsts.  There are occasions, I asked my self if these exercises  are fit for my age because I am no longer in my teens but what made me stick is the statement I heard from Coach Jim that one of the objectives of Milo Apex  is for me to be fit to run, rather than to run to be fit.  I love this running clinic which is very scientific and practical.  I am  enjoying it a lot and not to mention that I am also getting fond of the Team Managers and Coaches who are all supportive but also naughty at times. They are kind and tolerant but firm.  They are encouraging us to beat ourselves in different kinds of work outs.

There are also different activities embedded in the program.  At one time, we had our LSD in Tanay and yesterday, they pushed through with the climb at Mt Maculot in Cuenca Batangas.  The camaraderie  in this group is superb.  The provisions for hydration is always available and sufficient.  Coach Jim is very  hands-on and the TMs and other coaches are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Thank you Milo for this Apex Running School!  Thank you Coach Jim! Thank you to the TMs and coaches.  Thank you to the tent and water boys!  Mabuhay kayong lahat!



One response to “My Milo Apex Experience

  1. hi. i wanted to join the apex training session, but given my work and other responsibility, makes it impossible for me to enlist. thank you for sharing and you inspire me to run more distances 🙂

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