Chevrolet NB Power Run

My Chevrolet NB Power Run last 06 Nov 2011 was a different experience as we ran in the dark while raining.  We were also made to cross the flooded area of BGC. I  never thought I can survive this one.

I woke up at a cold and rainy Sunday morning, so I asked my son to check if the race will push through.  When he said yes, I took a bath and prepared myself.  We left our place at 4:24am and on the duration of our travel to BGC, I covered myself with shawl.  We reached the venue around 4:50am but at the time the race already started and runners were already running.

My son and I immediately got down leaving my husband to park our vehicle.  Because of the rush, I forgot to remove my eyeglasses and I even missed to bring my hydration belt.  We went to the starting line to ensure our timing chips will be activated.  We passed through it while all the runners were already far away.

As I turned right at the corner, I saw our cousin Emy waiting for her husband.  I stopped to wait for her but she asked me to proceed.  So I ran alone and I thanked God that I have my eyeglasses on because without that, I doubt if I can clearly see my path.  The rain continued pouring but never did I feel cold.

running in the rain

That race perfectly matched my scheduled long run that weekend in preparation for my fourth full marathon next month.  I decided to run cautiously to avoid any incident that will cause harm or injury.   I simply enjoyed my run.  I even conquered the Kalayaan-Buendia Bridge running through and through.

For the first 80% of the race, I never walked.  I jogged and slowly ran. I also found time to have a brief chat with fellow runners like Rico V and another one from pharma company.  But when I crossed the 21km mark, I felt sensation in my legs.  At that point, I decided to walk to avoid any muscle cramp.

On the 24 km mark, I saw my husband and my son waiting for me.  My son finished strong at 2 hours and 20 minutes while I struggled to finish within the cut-off time of 3 hours and 45 minutes.  My husband convinced me to run for the last 1 kilometer but I answered him that I cannot do it due to persistent pain in my legs, instead we ran and walked together.

approaching the Finish Line

As we approached the finish line, I felt stronger especially when I saw that I still have several minutes before cut-off.

2 responses to “Chevrolet NB Power Run

  1. Hi anna, thanks for the pictures on our last two races, NB and RU3. please update the blog add of JRunning to See you soon on the road! God bless!

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